First and foremost, you can always be assured of a safe, peaceful, supportive and healing environment.  The heart of craniosacral therapy is listening to the client – what you are presently experiencing, your health history but most importantly through palpation where these patterns of experience are revealed in the body.

You will be invited to lie on a warm, comfortable treatment table, fully clothed and I will make light contact with my hands. This gentle touch is often at the head and sacrum but can be almost anywhere on the body – generally where you are experiencing discomfort but the focus may be on a related area which is the underlying cause.

For intra-oral work, I use finger cots.

Each session is entirely unique and is client-led in response to your needs.  Though often working intuitively, I always listen to an inner protocol that the body is revealing on a moment-to-moment basis.

Receiving craniosacral therapy, you are likely to experience a deep-state of relaxation and the well-being that ensues is often due to the occurrence of a ‘stillpoint’ that brings forth the body’s resources. This is basically a physiological settling of different aspects of a person’s life processes – physical, emotional, psychological and mind/spirit – which begin to rebalance and integrate.

As a result, you may feel some pulsations or tremors and take a deep-sighing breath or sometimes an emotional release may be experienced as the tension subsides.  This work can have profound physical and psychological benefits.

Following a session, if possible – as opposed to jumping up and resuming a heavy schedule! – you are encouraged to use your own resources  – e.g. resting awhile, gentle walking to a favourite place in Nature, journaling or listening to music – as this helps to nourish a deeper connection to your health and creativity and is supportive of your treatment session.