Most people are familiar with the sheer pleasure of a body massage and can attest to its infinite benefits – the relief of pain, relaxation, a sense of well-being and feeling “in one’s skin”.  The therapeutic massage I practice is a unique experience tailored exactly to whatever you bring to the table – therapeutically, holistically and intuitively getting to the heart of a particular issue based on my years of experience in listening to a client’s body.

It is deeply relaxing as the tissues are encouraged to release their held tension – which is mostly due to overuse, poor posture, strain, injury and so often is stress-related.    I have found that when I combine this treatment with craniosacral therapy, the client has a healing experience (rather than just symptomatic relief) simply because of the body’s inherent capacity for self-repair.

The quiet, still work holding the client in her/his wholeness – enables a person to release deeply-held patterns, creating an awareness that they are so much more than just this tight muscle!