In today’s fast-changing world young people face many challenges – finding their particular niche in an-ever competitive world and what future they might inherit is just the tip of the iceberg of pressures they face every day, particularly 9 -18 year old students.

We all want the best for our children, to help and guide them to blossom into their unique selves and also to have harmonious communication with them.  Today many parents are busy with their professional lives and this, coupled with the busyness of students’ extra-curricular activities (and sometimes family problems), can sometimes create problems.  An extreme manifestation of these problems in some schools has resulted in self-harming including eating disorders affecting both girls and boys.  So there is reason for serious concern.  Some of the issues children regularly experience are:

Peer pressure (competitiveness, being ignored, drug usage, judgements, isolation); parental pressure (high expectations); a confusing time (identity crisis, anger, depression); ADHD; teenage fatigue; tension body aches and pains (headaches, hormonal changes or from various sports’ activities); online bullying; homework/ deadlines; exams/revising; overload of mind and body; communication problems with parents and anxiety (family problems, fear, state of the world, what kind of future they might have).

I have found that during my work with young people,  craniosacral therapy (CST) is an amazing well-being modality to help support them to find their balance – both physically and emotionally – and can lead to greater vitality, creativity and concentration. The potential benefits they can experience are:

Enhanced vitality; clarity of mind; creativity; more focussed concentration; supports the innate wisdom of the body to balance, restore and heal itself; boosts the immune system,; mental and emotional support; provides a BEING experience vs. DOING – the invitation to just BE removes a lot of pressure from the student; helps to establish a healthy relationship with one’s self – allowing the student to understand their unique gifts in this world creates healthy patterns for their whole lives.

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle hands-on approach listening to your body in much the same way a counsellor might listen to your words.  A typical CST session (lasting 1 hour) includes taking a brief health history – noting concerns and challenges (completely confidential), the student lays down fully clothed on a treatment table, I make light contact with my hands for an initial assessment and then listen to the flow of fluids in the body (generated by the cerebrospinal fluid (CFS) and encourage a healthy flow which can help to reduce stress and build vitality amongst other benefits as noted above.  Sometimes I encourage the student to share what is troubling them if a need presents itself during the session but often it is conducted through non-verbal interaction with their bodies.  The session is extremely beneficial and allows the student to just BE and ‘come home’ to himself/herself.