The creation of a new life is miraculous!  A woman’s body undergoes an amazing transformation to accommodate the growing baby.  Pregnancy is an exciting, joyous time and sometimes overwhelming for the new mum-to-be. She and her partner can be inundated with choice (education and advice) in how to be with their babies. Her changing body produces weight gain, hormonal changes can cause nausea and headaches, and as the pregnancy progresses – she can often experience low back pain because of posture changes, fluid retention, heartburn, breathlessness, high blood pressure and possible pubic symphysis disorder (PSD).  As a result she is often exhausted and if coupled with emotional issues of fear about the birth, this can be a scary time.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) sessions can be of great benefit for a mother-to-be since it can help improve her constitutional strength.  CST uniquely allows a mother to be met – helping to address any stresses she is experiencing and can be particularly helpful for all the symptoms mentioned above.  Most importantly CST can relax the mother’s pelvis and a well-balanced and relaxed pelvis eases greatly the process of childbirth.

Last but certainly not least, craniosacral therapy has been found to be extremely beneficial to support a post-natal mother.  Deliveries today are conducted with the utmost care and sensitivity to provide a safe and welcome entry into the world for the newborn and naturally most attention is focussed on the wellbeing of the baby.  New mothers also deserve some special attention whose pelvis and perineum have undergone an amazing transformation to enable the baby to exit the birth canal!  CST treatments can help with strains in the sacrum and pelvis and help them to return to a normal position, easing any residual low back pain.  Working to normalize the strains in the pelvis which have naturally been taxing the mother’s nervous system can therefore help with tiredness and post-natal depression symptoms.