Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a unique, gentle, hands-on, healing art which through deep listening helps us to reconnect to our intrinsically healthy selves.  Wholeness and health is our natural state, it is what our bodies naturally express.  We are so much more than we could ever imagine!  – more than our pain, our emotional wounding, the stress that we feel or even our natural human goodness.

Within our physiological system there is an intelligence that knows inherently how to balance and restore the body’s health.  Craniosacral therapy listens to and is guided by this intelligence.  It is a practice which is subtle and yet profoundly healing on many levels.  Craniosacral therapy helps you to be more of who you truly are!

What makes craniosacral therapy unique?

CST was developed about 100 years ago from discoveries about the body’s subtle physiology which show that our cells express movement fundamental to life.   Each cell in our body expresses subtle rhythms.  This continual movement (very similar to the tides in the ocean) is the subtlest rhythm our bodies manifest; even more subtle than the heartbeat or the rise and fall of our breath.

The therapist listens with her “thinking-feeling-seeing-knowing” fingers silently to these subtle rhythms which are generated by the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system.  She facilitates tissue and energy release assisting the body’s natural capacity for self-repair. 

How can CST help me?

Craniosacral therapy owes its popularity to its light yet transformative quality of touch.  Clients speak of how when they are simply held, it feels like their body, mind and soul is being listened to.  Being held in this way, it feels like “coming home” in one’s own body – something which is rarely felt!

As we experience stillness and our ever-present health, the fragmented parts of ourselves are able to be acknowledged, transformed and re-integrated.    It is also empowering for the person because they have a deeper sense of themselves enabling them to listen to their own innate wisdom.

Because of its gentle, holistic approach, craniosacral therapy is suitable for everyone – from babies to the elderly.  Whether you need help with a stressful life and seek some clarity, are lacking in energy or experiencing specific symptoms – tension, headaches, tinnitus, eye-problems, backache or neck pain, sinusitis, TMJ dysfunction,  sciatica, depression or receiving dental work – to name a few – all patients experience many healing benefits.

Craniosacral therapy is also extremely beneficial in working with the effects of shock, injury, physical and emotional trauma and their resolution.  In all these instances– tissues have invariably contracted in a measure of protection and if the body/mind is unable to deal with this fragmentation at the time, forces can be trapped in the body creating unhealthy patterns which can re-occur because the original trauma or injury was never completely resolved.

CST is able to identify these areas of imbalance and gently facilitate the integration of therapeutic changes.