Be More Tree!

Be More Tree!

While waiting for your Craniosacral Therapy treatment, in between sessions or at any time – why not try this quick and easy healing practice?

Standing, allow yourself to just be still, feel your feet on the ground, feel into your inherent strength, what you stand for, the essence of YOU!  Unmoving, very aware, comfortable and secure in your own body, we make few mistakes like this; we also touch our own spirituality, whatever that may be.  As a result:

  • We listen more attentively to our unique innate wisdom and intuition.
  • We become less judging of others and more importantly less judgemental of ourselves.
  • We rest secure in the moment – letting go of the past (through our imagined roots) nor worrying about the future.
  • We experience stillness and quiet joy.
  • No fight or flight.
  • Your adrenalin stops pumping – it is balanced.
  • All tension in the body drops away, just for this moment.

N.B.  Is it any wonder that ancient yogis devised tree pose for us to be both grounded and to feel our own strength?!

You know what comes next??  GO ON!  Allow yourself to hug some of our beautiful trees! – all wise beings and cohabitants on this precious earth.  No doubt there is one not too far from you.  With your awareness as explained above, stand right next to this wonder of Nature.  Put your arms around its trunk, take some deep breaths and see what happens!  For me as my feet energetically sink into the ground, I feel this peaceful One-ness.  If you pay attention you will feel the tree respond to your touch.  Maybe through the bark or your feet reaching deep into the ground like the tree’s roots, you begin to feel its essence reaching out to you and you sense a connection like no other!  I have learned that the more I give love to Tree – as opposed to seeing what I can get out of this experience – Tree gives to you more abundantly.  It is very healing.  You will learn a lot from a few stolen moments and the gentle surprise in remembering who you are.